The firm was set up in 1947 when Vladislao Marinaz opened a small shop in Trieste. His family’s farming beginnings encouraged him to produce and sell seeds. He has carefully selected local seed varieties, such as white beet, “Trieste” chicory and “Agostana” lettuce which then became widespread throughout Italy. In the sixties he began to concentrate on vegetable gardens, selecting local varieties of cutting vegetables and supplying the best vegetable growers in the area.
A major change came about with the introduction of the advanced system of selling seeds, from loose to packaged. This innovation was accompanied by constant focus on quality. A gratifying process which has entailed considerable investment in systems and equipment for packaging seeds.
Extensions and further modernisation were prominent features of the eighties with transforming of the individual concern into Semar S.r.l. and the building of the current plant on an area covering 5 thousand square metres.
Today Semar has one of the most modern packaging plants on the market to fulfil all customer needs, creating a relationship of continuity, trust and reliability. The entry of the new generations is a precious resource which places the firm constantly at the forefront.
With its efficient and dynamic organisation, Semar was one of the first firms in the sector to be certified according to the ISO 9002 standard, a byword for total quality.
Semar, now and then, ensures the purity of varieties, and a high and lasting germination power, since it mainly uses seeds produced in Italy, in the same environment and climate in which they are to be sown.

We see the agriculture extremely specialized in the offer of high quality products, designed for the international marketplace.

We want to develop carefully the agriculture sector presenting new, rare, pure products day by day, taking quality assurance and excellence as guidelines for any market operation.